With a clear aim at maximizing the revenue return per user while retaining the customer base, our Campaigns Management Platform enables Telecom Operators to generate higher demand for their services and increase customer retention.

Some of the features are: Real Time Event Based Campaigns, Configurable Campaigns with Exclusion Logic, Ad-hoc segments identification for execution of campaigns, Reminders at configurable intervals, Cool Down Periods, Blacklist, Whitelist, Multiple Campaigns with multiple campaign parts and many more.

TV Channels

Out TV channels platform is a web application built to organise and ease the sales operations management and invoicing procedures.

A complete commercial management system suited to the needs and operations of TV channels. It covers all critical processes of the sales advertising life cycle, spanning from the initial financial offer, the negotiations and digital alignment with the advertising agencies, the booking of the advertising space/time, the advertisements flow scheduling of the program, to the automatic confirmation of the scheduled advertisements to go on-air and the invoicing of customers.

3rd Party Add-Ons

We love our work and we love it more when it is organised. For this reason we are constantly seeking for tools that help us achieve our goals.

When we cannot find the tools we need, we can always build our own. We this philosophy in mind, we recently started developing 3rd party add-ons that solve problems in the way we believe that is the best fitted. Our first product is an Atlassian JIRA add-on that helps us track our projects' budgets. We named it HawkBudget and you can find it in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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